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Q: What is the best file format for scanning documents?

Comparison of different file formats for digitization

A scanner generally supports image file formats such as BMP, JPG, TIFF and PDF and might additionally support specific image output formats for professional use. If your main purpose however is file management, the searchable PDF file format is the ideal solution. Facts speak louder than words; the table below shows a comparison between various file formats.


  BMP JPG TIFF Image PDF Searchable
Can the file be opened on different system platforms? O O O
Commercial software needed
Can the text content in the file be searched? X X X X O
Can the file completely preserve the original file's look? O O O O O
Can the file be saved in separate pages? X X O
Software cooperation needed
Does the file take up small storage space? X O O O O
Can the file image be copied to other editing software? O O O O O
Can the file text be copied to other editing software? X X X X O
User satisfaction 43% 57% 71% 71% 100%

In addition:
PDF files can also be encrypted. Thus, important text files can be converted to PDF files and encrypted according to your preferences and security needs.



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