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Q: Why choose PDF as a standard file format?

100% original fonts and formats
One of the most distinguished advantages of the PDF file format is to maintain the completeness and consistence of the original idea without causing any font changes, image misplacements or file layout disorders due to different reader or viewer, applications, or different operating system such as Windows, Mac OS, etc. The PDF file format has established itself as a symbol of professionalism.

Free reader, no operational burden, easy sharing
Anyone can use the free Adobe Reader application to open a PDF file without having to worry about using a different operating system or having the original applications, fonts or languages installed. Share easily and read conveniently.

Protection and Security
Want to protect your file from being abused? Worry that your wisdom and labor will fall victim to piracy? PDF files not only allow password protection to secure important information but also enable digital signing to prevent others from viewing or editing your files without authorization.

The choice of most people
The PDF file format has become the most widely used electronic file format and the publishing standard for file transfer and exchange among global enterprises, government organizations and educators. PDF simplifies the file exchange process, elevates production efficiency and reduces paper consumption.

PDF has become the ISO 32000 international standard in July 2008. In the future, software developers will design more software that supports the PDF file format in compliance with the ISO standard.

Touring among the file forest and freely searching
As long as the file is made as a Searchable PDF file, whether water, power or gas bills, school reports, various charge bills, certificates, newspaper clippings, cards, favorite magazine articles, contracts, official files, etc, with a simple typing of “keywords”, the file you need is just a quick search away.



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