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One-touch Scan to Searchable PDF

How do I use a Plustek scanner to generate a Searchable PDF file?
Plustek provides a PDF Utility tool for your convenience. Simply press the functional button on the scanner panel to digitalize all types of paper files and immediately transform them into the universally readable, portable, and easily Searchable PDF electronic file format.

Scanner Model: Plustek OpticPro A320
Installation Version: CD v4.0.0
Supported installation languages: 9 Languages (English, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish)
Supported operating systems: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Supported OCR software: ABBYY FineReader 6.0 Sprint (supports recognition of up to 177 languages)
Special recommendation: Scan to Searchable PDF file format 

  1. Open DocAction , the button configuration tool of the Plustek OpticPro A320.
  2. Select “PDF Utility” from 'Button Template', and assign the preset 'PDF Utility' the scanner button 'Custom 1'.
  3. Confirm the resolution. For better character recognition results, we recommend setting the resolution to over 300 dpi.
  4. Press [OK] to save the configuration.


Button Configuration Interface – PDF Utility Function Pattern

After finishing the hardware installation and configuring the ‘Custom 1’ button with the ‘PDF Utility’ function, you can now directly press the Custom 1 button on the scanner panel to scan a document and convert it into computer readable and easily Searchable PDF file.



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