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Example 2

Scenario A:
John uses a Plustek book scanner (Model No.: Plustek OpticBook 4600) to scan the 117th page of the 83th issue of Photography Monthly magazine and save the scanned electronic file as Searchable PDF.

Step 1: Open the scanned PDF file (Searchable PDF).

Step 2: Enter a keyword, such as multi-sampling, in the search box of the toolbar at the top of Adobe Reader.

Step 3: Start the search action, and you’ll soon find the works “multi-sampling” marked in the file.

Conclusion: The user can quickly browse the context of the marked keywords to determine if the material is what he/she needs.


Scenario 2:

John needs to write a brief about Film Scanners today and happens to find the article “scanning 35mm negatives…” in Photography Monthly magazine. After reading the article, he decides to quote part of it in his writing. He has already scanned and saved the page as a Searchable PDF file for file management.

Step 1: Directly select the needed words and paragraphs in the Searchable PDF file.

Step 2: Right-click on the selected words to copy.

Step 3: Paste the words in Notepad or Word for editing and typesetting.

Conclusion: Searchable PDFs are the best electronic file format for scanning and digitalization.



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