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How to Generate a Searchable PDF?

A Searchable PDF document is created in two ways:
1: If you already have a scanned image or document, (1) Open OCR software (2) Go to 'File' and open the scanned image (3) Save it as (searchable) PDF


Figure 3: OCR flow.


Figure 4: Example – ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus (OCR Software).


2: If you want to convert a paper document into a Searchable PDF file, (1) Place the document on the scanner’s scanning glass (2) Configure the scanner’s hardware button utility and set it to save as (searchable) PDF (3) Press the button to create the searchable PDF directly


Figure 5: Plustek One-Touch button to "Searchable PDF" file.

The conversion into a Searchable PDF happens through the built-in specialized optical character recognition software commonly known as OCR. OCR converts the text portions of the image to text and stores it in the text layer. This text layer allows you to instantly search the document for keywords or phrases by using any desktop search engine.



  • What is OCR?
    OCR short for Optical Character Recognition is the mechanical or electronic translation of images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text (usually captured by a scanner) into machine-editable text. The accuracy of recognition is closed to 100% if the characters on the documents are very neat and clean. Simply put an OCR program can looks at documents as images and tries to recognize the characters on it in order to convert it them to text.
  • Plustek offers a number of award-winning high-quality OCR applications with their scanners, including Plustek DI Express, ABBYY FineReader. These OCR applications are used for various markets and for various situations. For example, DI Express, which is provided in the Asian market, is specifically used for recognition of traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and Korean Hangul.



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